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  1. Brett

    I’d like to thank Kathy Jo Nicholson for her openness and for allowing me to document her journey.
    Thank you to all those interviewed and to all those who supported this production.
    I hope the project brings justice to action for Kathy Jo and the many women and children still trapped in the abusive and depriving compounds in Texas, Utah, Arizona, and beyond.

  2. Anne

    Incredible, haunting project. Your photos and videos shed light on a disturbing, secretive story and hopefully this work raises awareness about the FLDS’ abuse of power under the guise of their religion. I hope Kathy Jo can find answers and some closure.

  3. Darren

    you go girl fight the fight. and be carfule let me know if i can help.. with love your frend darren aka dc. GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Chana

    This has become such an important issue in America. We need to all fight for the rights of those who are abused in these communities and who leave because they can no longer live with the many abuses. Let me know, too, if I can help.

  5. Deborah

    Nice story Brett! I hope that Kathy can find peace and closure soon.

  6. Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy

    Thank you Brett and Kathy Jo,

    This is another important documentation of the abuses, which are inherent to the cultural practice of polygamy, worldwide. We should never forget that polygamy requires abusers to make it work. Regardless of the religion used to justify its practice it requires abusers to operate. We do not live in a vacuum and the decriminalization of polygamy, whether codified or not, will leave tens of thousands of our Muslim American sisters vulnerable to the same abuses they are so familiar with in their or their mother’s countries of origin.

    We stand with you in this important effort to educate Americans to the truth of polygamy, because abuse is not a religion.

    k.Dee Ignatin
    Executive Director
    Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy

  7. Stamp

    I am following the trials, and there is a lot of info at:

    It appears they added your essay to their site!

    I havent looked at all your videos but did see the pics which were interesting, including the “HELP ME” scrawl on a hidden wall.

    The scariness -creepiness factor is huge. And Alta Acadamy was just outside SLC? WOW

    Good thing they didnt grow a marijuana plant, the law may have taken action!

  8. Nelly

    I appreciate the time and effort and information you provided. I’ve read Kathy Jo’s story and its horrific how some can get away with murder. Is there any way the public can get more involved? Can the families of those who died mysterious deaths demand investigations? Seems all this should be taken up with the AG of Utah and Arizona.

  9. Brett

    Nelly, we can’t say that there definitely was a murder because most of the suspicions are circumstantial or hearsay, but I believe there is sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation by the attorney generals of Utah and Arizona. Kathy Jo has been struggling over the past 5 years to get Mark Shurtleff, AG of Utah, involved in the case.
    I’ve just added links to contact the AGs of Utah, Arizona, and Texas to the Resources page.
    It would be helpful to encourage Mark Shurtleff and Terry Goddard to investigate this death.
    And if you’d like to contact Greg Abbott of Texas, you can let him know that Texas should not be a haven for abusive enclaves.
    Thank you for your interest and support.

  10. Donnie Miller

    Great work Brett. The photography and journalism are both very well done.

  11. Amber Dawn Lee

    I am impressed with the brave and ambitious journey Kathy Jo has been on in search of the truth. She is a strong and brave woman and it’s an honor for us that she is speaking out. God bless you Kathy Jo.

    Amber Dawn Lee

  12. Brian

    We hope that justice is finally pursued. It’s been a long 5 years and we have not been able to gain the attention of the authorities. There are so many inconsistencies between the “witnesses” that I thought that alone would have warranted an investigation. But our legal system often turns a blind eye to this society.

    Thank you Brett for your help on our journey for justice. Hopefully this will help other’s see that this deserves a legal investigation.

    You can also see more about Johnny’s death by watching a documentary completed by CBS 48 Hours Mystery at:

    Thanks for everyone’s support. -Brian, Kathy’s husband.

  13. KJ

    Thank you Brett. I am so impressed with the project! I am still amazed at how well it all came together thanks to you! I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done with this and for your genuine interest in finding the truth.

    Thank you Brian and Jan for encouraging me to begin my mission; seaking ‘Justice For Johnny’. Thank you for your continued help, support and love as I search for answers.

    Thank you Anne, for taking an interest in the FLDS when Flora was in Austin on her book tour. You took Brett with you that day and exposed him to the happenings withing the FLDS through Flora’s book, ‘Church of Lies’. Your action that day lead Brett to pursue the subject further and eventually, to meet me and allowed me to share my mission with the right person, Brett.

    Thank you also to everyone interviewed by Brett, for being so ready and so willing to speak out!

    Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch and to comment on this page and for your kind words.

    Anonymous, I thank you as well, for demonstrating the mind set of defenders of the ‘Secretive FLDS’.

    Kathy Jo

  14. Oliver

    WOW!! awesome documentary, Kathy Jo, I applaud you… I am struck by the possibility that your brother was molested. I would love to chat with you about some of the strange things I remember back when I was a student. Give me a call
    God Bless


  15. Nancy

    We’ve discussed this on numerous occasions. The more facts and details that I become aware of only make me think that it doesn’t add up. Before watching the videos, I thought that foul play was involved. After watching, I’m almost sure of it. I wish I could help you find more to get to the answer. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  16. Walton

    Kathy Jo and Brian,

    I don’t know if anything that I find will help you with your search of the truth but if it does than good. If anything that I find doesn’t help then you can scratch it off the list. I wish I could do more.

    Here is what I’ve got.

    First off from all my years once a trucker always a trucker. Not that it’s a bad thing but it takes a special person to drive those trucks everyday all day long. Many have dreams of walking away but few rarely ever walk away completely. It is in their blood so to speak.

    Leslie Jeffs- Just some info here if you didn’t know this:

    I am not very good at doing the link thing so I hope it works. If it doesn’t google Leslie Jeffs v Scott Simper

    I also don’t understand anything written in the legal language. But by the dollar amount being sued for I would say someone must have gotten hurt bad. I also checked into Scott Simper and Scott from what I understand is someone who likes to climb mountains and do the repel thing. Connection?

    Zach Ruble liked going out to the mountains/cliffs and pushing it to the limit. Zach Ruble was going to school in Utah and was studying biochemical engineering. He was also very much interested in that new age fighting.

    Greg Nelson- had some personal issues but according to his exwife he was on his way back. From what I could find on the net Greg Nelson enjoyed riding dirt bike, and was very active in keeping fit. One of the things that made my eyebrow raise is that he possibly was active in the Bike Patrol.

    Lorin Fischer- again had some personal issues but from what I understand he was extremely bright and very gifted. Took an active role in helping and wasn’t afraid to go that one extra step.

    Now back to Johnny- I don’t know the details of his death other than what you have talked about and what has been reported in the media. I don’t want to make things any harder for your but I need to ask some questions.

    Was Johnny ever in the military?
    Did Johnny express an interest in going into law-enforcement?
    You mentioned that Johnny wanted to be a pilot, Was he around people that flew? or around people that worked on airplanes? Did he maybe help load or unload airplanes? There are some major issues with planes crashing in the night so to speak.
    Was Johnny friends with Waymond Wyler?
    Do you trust the two people that were with Johnny that day?
    I know you don’t know me but I will share a little with you, I am an old lady who loves to read. I am not a writer nor am I a reporter. I hate it when people try to hurt one another and I hate it even more when people ask questions and don’t get answers.
    If anything I’ve said helps I am glad. If you already knew all this and I gave you nothing than I am terribly sorry for any more heartache.
    If you have any questions please let me know. Oh… just so you know there aren’t many people I trust. I’ve had my computer zapped into at least 4 times and someone has tried tracking my phone calls. What a bunch of nuts they are. For the most part I would tell anyone what they wanted to know if they just asked.
    You can share what you want with me or not. Either way you and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  17. Cement

    I need to go talk to the Blackmore lady. I did not leave over the incinerator; nor was it finished when I left. I left over secrecy. It could be anything from sintering metals to making cement powder. Can’t this rumor die?

    Now, Uncle Roy’s sermons in the manure by the dairy, I did see, but I thought it was a printing error, but if you respect “Uncle Roy” and layout the pages wrong, it seems disrespectful to mix the paper up in manure. When I went to the manure piles, I could never find evidence of thread through the center of any pages (but I was dealing with small shreds). So I concluded that none of the sermons in that pile came from bound volumes. And all printing was too nice; I never found anything that looked used, like handwritten notes or anything else. Still, I thought it odd to shred up Uncle Roys sermons and put them in a manure pile. I didn’t know they burned them in a 200 foot fire.

    cement said this on December 11, 2009 at 7:16 PM

  18. ProudTexas

    Kathy – I hope you are able to find the answers you are looking for. Keep after them, soon they will forget which lie they told to who and you’ll be closer to the truth.

    ProudTexas said this on December 11, 2009 at 10:51 PM

  19. deputydog1

    I have searched and searched about Dan Fischer’s son to, Lorin, he had straightened up his life and was doing well, someone killed this young man to. I don’t know if it was because his dad was trying to help xflds children or what, but there has never been anything else about any investigation in Lorin Fischer’s death either, and I find that VERY ODD!!!

    deputydog1 said this on December 13, 2009 at 9:31 PM

  20. Walton

    deputydog If I was a reporter in Utah I would get my arse

    1. fired (because I would rarely get to write The End)

    2. Sit in jail for not following the “closed door keep quiet rule”.

    or 3. be a reporter with the highest club memberships

    There is a whole lot of ODD going on. jmo

    Walton said this on December 13, 2009 at 9:53 PM

  21. Graham B

    Brett you have documented so well the horrific times of these activities that need to stop. It is very powerful and hopefully will shed more light on the issues at hand and getting the Attorney General involved.

    Great Work BB

  22. Mike Watkiss

    Kathy Jo
    Very interesting and provocative information. Best wishes in your pursuit of the truth. Mike Watkiss

  23. enfongeskence

    Amazing issue, didn’t thought it would be so awesome when I looked at the title.

  24. Madie

    Kathy, why don’t you talk to Charles Zitting and ask him what happened? He was there. I’ve heard from several different people that Johnny had been drinking and was drunk. All of them were. Nobody told Your Father that he had been drinking to spare him the pain. And if it’s true that the police didn’t get called to the scene till 2 am, why do you think they did that? Maybe to cover up their drinking? Hmmmmmm. Just some things to think about.. KathyJo has been know to lie in the past.

  25. Angie the Anti-Theist

    Your girlfriend pointed me here, and I’m glad she did. I’d be honored if you would add part of this or a link to this to the Ex-Cult Network community ( The women (and boys) who have escaped that compound amaze me.

  26. Bita

    These pictures are amazing. The colors, the beer, the carpet, the people are all so real and exposed. It’s wonderful when you get a glimpse into someone’s life especially when you get a real sense of honesty, the viewer is all the richer for the opportunity to take a look in. Thanks for sharing.

  27. krissy

    Kathy Jo, u taught me A LOT of things just by watching your videos, documentaries & excerpts from ur interviews. I am getting deeper & deeper into the flds situation, and I definitely salute you for being so BRAVE, FIRM & KIND-HEARTED. and ur very pretty too! it wud be a waste if u continued wearing those hideous dresses & that hair. hehehe :) You are an angel with a real purpose sent from heaven, and I wish all the best on the battle of ur brother’s case, and everything that ur doing for the protection of the women from that polygamy sect. YOU GO GIRL.

  28. Staci

    While I am apalled at the polygamous life-style, I know that it no longer is practiced in the LDS religion. The FLDS broke off of mainstream mormonism due to the disaggreement about polygamy.

  29. Steven D Greenhagen

    Kathy Jo,
    I will always remember the old days when you all lived in Lompoc, California. I loved spending time with all of the kids, my sister (your Mom) and I remember when you were first born. I miss all of you and was saddened to hear about Johnny. You all are in my prayers and thoughts each and every day. I love you and miss all of you. Please give your Mom a hug from her “Baby” Brother and let her know that I love and miss her.

    Uncle Steven

  30. kevin

    Id like to say im proud of you for tring to do the right thing and its a damn shame the feds want do something ,its another WACO all over keep on doing your work and may GOD see that these people are held accountable .Again I praise you for your effort and the goverment should be held accountable for this mess and returning these children its sick,and god bless your family.

  31. betty

    kathy, may God bless you on your quest to find answers. Keep the faith

  32. liz

    Its hard to believe this cult of child abusers are allowed to practice their dirty lifestyle in the name of religion I truly believe RELIGION is poison

  33. Ken

    WOW! Kathy; I really hope this will all be revealed and you will be able to get closure. It certainly seems to me that the “circumstantial” evidense is overwhelming. Stay with your gut feeling. I’m a believer, and know within my heart that God will pass judgement on those who have lied their way through life. Jeffs may think that nobody knows his heart; but God will see that he (Jeffs) reaps what he has sewn.

  34. Sherrie

    Good day, Watching those videos I was struck by how “who ever” at FLDS, is responsible for all of these terrible things done to people, they must really have the devil on their side. Only evil hearted people could ever do such heinous things to another human being. Whatever justice can do to stop these brain-washing organizations from being allowed to exist, can’t come soon enough. For there are so many people involved and their lives are changed forever. I feel especially sorry for the children born into these cults. I’m amazed at the number of people out there that would allow themselves to believe that a flesh and blood human being that controls others by way of threat and fear could ever be of God. All you have to do is read the 10 commandments to know that this Jeffs guy is nothing more than a controlling socialpathic sadistic pedophile that should be locked away from society. Perhaps before people believe in men like Jeffs, they should believe in themselves first and foremost, and realize they don’t need someone else to make them feel apart of something or to feel closer to God. Justice for Johnny Nicholson and all the others that have suffered at the hands of Mr. Jeffs. My heart goes out to Kathy Jo Nicholson and her family. I’m sorry for your loss. Be strong…the truth always come out.

  35. Crystal

    Kathy Jo, what a trooper you are! Thank you for sharing the TRUTH about what some people call a religion but is actually a cult that sexually abuses children (boys and girls) and also aduses women. The more that is out in the open, the more we see we as parents need to protect our families. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I pray the THE TRUTH will be exposed soon and if there was a cover up let justice be served. Take care and hold your head up high.

  36. Lauren

    I have looked at a site indicating that either Texas or Utah or both have stated that a federal task force is not needed to investigate the crimes being committed by Warren Jeffs and what I consider his henchmen. I think there does need to be a task force. The authorties in these states are polygamists and members of this group and are covering up these crimes. There may have been a murder and there is definatlely welfare fraud and sex abuse of underage girls and now it seems young boys along with the crime of throwing the boys out of their homes so the older men can have more women to rape, actually young girls. This situation has nothing to do with religious freedom and everything to be with a monstrous powerful pedophile, and abuse of women and children and financial fraud. Food stamps are a federal program. The FBI needs to set up a task force and investigate and prosecute all men with underage “wives”, and anyone doing this to get benefits, as well as doing another investigation of the death of this young man. We cannot allow these men to rule this part of the country as they are and to allow Jeffs to continue to be a dictator over these people. This is a cult, not a real religion or sect and they need to follow the laws of this country along with everyone else. We cannot do anything about spiritual unions with adults, but we can and must protect our children, put Jeffs in prison and prevent the FLDS from committing further crimes

  37. Laura Conrad

    It’s never easy going against so many in such a segregated world. Congratulations to all those who are brave enough to do so. I don’t believe God wants those secrets kept for HE sees and knows all. One cannot build a world where children are products for self satisfaction and discipline. Children are gifts from God and it is not in our right to challenge God!!

  38. gwen

    This is a horrible thing that must be exposed thank you Brett and Kathy. This must end, all those adults in this cult should be exposed tried and jailed, the females should be in therapy for being brain washed. How can these women not understand that their children are being abused. I hope Jeffs rot in prison along with all the officals in that town under the cults thumb and that are being paid to look the other way. They are aware what happened to Johnny but they don’t care. I am so happy that Kathy is free from that horrible life and I pray that GOD will free all the others. There are so many cults all in the name of some kind of religion and they are only false gods and idols to attract weak people. Please save these children before any more damage is done to them.

  39. Robyn

    Kathy-Jo, I watched your interview with Jean Casarez on In Session today which led me to this website.
    I hope and pray you find the answers you and your family needs for peace.

    The videos are done well. God bless you, Brett, for helping Kathy-Jo document this journey.
    Any and all exposure of this CULT is dire.

    I don’t understand how this can be happening in our country…

  40. June

    Just watched the video with my 13 year old niece and 16 year old God daughter, and we also watched InSession together. The 13 year old asked what Bible did these people read from Auntee? Did they all have special needs? Why are they all dressed like Little house on the prairie?”Momma always says when you don’t know what to do, use common sense.Did they have common sense?” This is from a 13 year old. I understand the generational enslavement of family, I do. But how does a mother give her child, someone she carried in her belly for 9 months to a grown ass man. How does a mother drop her son off at the side of the road to fend for himself. I have empathy for those that don’t know any better…but I have anger in the pit of my stomach for the stupidity of this whole thing. Warren Jeffs is not the only person with unclean hands and, the 2 deaths were at the hands of everyone in FLDS including the women. If I could’ve been a mover and shaker and could influence the laws there, every lost boys mother would be under the jail too, right beside The Fake Ass Prophet they worshipped. This shit is ridiculous in 2011. Holding the Bible and listening to a Baboon tell you he could get you into heaven if you listened and follow his rules is in fact “just plain stupid”. Open your bible and read it for yourselves. The Holy Bible along with Common Sense is a beautiful , and empowering tool. My prayers go up to heaven for those boys, not his family. May u find peace in having played a part however small in the 2 deaths. May Prophet Warren be a piece of ass to all the inmates in that correctional facility.

  41. claudia

    I am so sorry that this has happened to Kathy Jo and her Brother and all the other innocent children that have been thru this and are still going thru these horrible things and they dont even know….. Warren Jeff is just a pervert….I was raised Catholic and we have our own stories, God bless the ones that got away from him ( FDLS) and give the strength to those who are trying to leave.

  42. kathy

    My neice was sexually abused by her father here in salt lake city when she was 8. When she finally told her mother when she turned 18 her mother turned away. She was raised in the LDS church but all that has transpired has the feel of the FLDS. She just got an e-mail today from her mother saying that she will never believe what she has been told about her husband (my niece’s father). Clearly this is not unique but I find it interesting that my nieces mother choses today to send her this e-mail after being silent for a long time. Let’s not loose sight of the fact that this can happen in any religion (I grew up catholic).

  43. Kim Young

    Oh and you too, Kathy Jo. I watched Dr. Drew and was just balling like a baby when you spoke. I feel you pain so deep. I hope you get the answers you were looking for ( On Dr. Drew) as I noticed there was no response from the Attorney General to your questions. He sounds like he has done and is doing a lot. But, I would also want some proof that everything is okay there. That there are not people killed and dying! Pursue – pursue. I would help in any way. Letters, anything! I feel so helpless! <3

  44. Lisa

    I saw you on Dr. Drew, my sympathy for the loss of your brother. I agree it sounds suspicious and the fact his death occurred on July 24th makes it even more suspicious. I also hope the children are not being starved right now in support of Warren Jeffs as you mentioned on the show; that’s an awful thought. One thing is certain, the federal government needs to be involved in investigating the FLDS. I also think someone should bring attention to the horrors of fumarase births that occur due to inbreeding (maybe a journalist could get some photos of the children when they go for treatment, as mentioned in the article I posted a link to below). For those who don’t know, one thing that makes the FLDS different from other cults is the fact that outsiders are not welcome since the bloodline would not be kept “pure” if that were to happen, and as a result there are babies born with this horrendous and otherwise rare problem potentially found in Barlow/Jessop descendants – here is a link to an informative article on the subject:

  45. Kim Young

    I just emailed everyone on the resources, also the White House. I am in the process of emailing all the legislators. I also posted my comments on the White House facebook page! Everyone should inundate that page with demands to go in and get these children out NOW! They will have to listen. After all, election year is right around the corner! That is when they do SOMETHINGS! :) If I cannot do to Texas, Arizona or Utah to do something to help, at least I can do this! I have to help somehow, someway!

  46. Lisa

    Good for you Kim! I’ll do that too….

  47. Lisa

    More information here:

  48. Kim Young

    I am so ashamed after clicking your link Lisa. I feel like I have been living under a rock. I never knew about all of this. What has been going on all these years? Cut the heads off of all the snakes. I will be praying every night – to a LOVING God – that the hell comes to a rapid and safe end for these children.

  49. Lee Taylor

    I am so appalled at what really goes on inside the FLDS! I live in Arizona, and I want to know what I can do to help! Any information as to who I can contact in my state government (or elsewhere!) to help put an end to these abuses of women & children would be greatly appreciated. I want to help, but I don’t really know where to start.

    I am keeping you and all your fellow “escapees” in my prayers, as well as the many children & women who are unwittingly forced into this way of life.

    You are brave, you are strong…and trust me, admired by many!


    Lee Taylor–(despite the name, I am a grandmother!)

  50. rockie

    Great work and eye opening!

  51. Wendy Bell

    I’m so proud to be from the state of Texas where we don’t put up with the sexual abuse of children! Kathy…I saw you on Dr. Drew and came to this website after hearing you tell about it. My prayers are that you will find the answers to what happened to your brother. I’ve read Elissa Walls and Caroline Jessups books and found myself wanting to DO SOMETHING but I don’t really know what to do…except pray (to the real God) that truth will somehow come to these people and set them free. It boggles my mind that this “sexual slavery” goes on in the “Land of the Free!” I wish you the best as you journey through the rest of your life…a FREE woman! :)

  52. Lisa

    Good for Texas for sentencing Warren Jeffs to life!

  53. Lisa

    Lee: here’s a link for who to contact in Arizona:

  54. Lisa

    Also, in my post above, I was referring to fumarase deficiency aka “polygamist downs” – I also think it’s horrific what happened to Brent Jeffs when he was a child, it’s just awful.

  55. Robin K

    Kathy Jo…

    I just watched Dr. Drew and your segment, and my heart goes out to you. I cried with you and for you. I am so sorry for everything you’ve gone through and continue to go through. I hope one day you are able to be free from the suffering and live freely. Know that Warren Jeffs will never be able to hurt another child and will never be free again!!!

    Many people support you. I know I do!!! :) Best of luck to you always, Kathy Jo! ~Robin

  56. Raquel

    This is a SICK cult these poor women are forced to be a part of! Let’s STOP this abuse! I will sign any petition to discourage this sick way of existence!

  57. Penny

    Excellent site. I’m so sorry for your loss. God give you strength to keep up the “GOOD” fight. There is so much to say about this topic, where does one begin? But I do think that when religious groups hide away in secret and keep out the outside world, there is a good chance for these types of things to happen (yeah, all in the name of religion). Also, when one man is given so much power over a group of people or country, that power is more often than not, going to corrupt… happens ALL the time. Also, maybe it’s time for religious groups TO pay taxes.. might help to keep them accountable. Now that all this is out in the open, thanks to yourself and others like you, hopefully the laws will be changed to protect the children and hopefully stop this cycle of abuse!!!! The government needs to open their eyes and protect the people they’re sworn in to protect.

  58. stephanie

    I just finished watching kathy jo on the dr. drew show and was appauled at her ordeal. i hope that justice is served for johnny and the flds is exterminated.

  59. CRK

    Thank you for your strength and fortitude to bring this story to light. I live in the East Kootenays British Columbia near Bountiful. Regularly I see women from the FLDS in my town shopping if they are lucky enough to be able to keep enough money to feed their kids. Today I saw a lady and her daughter from the FLDS while packing my groceries next to them. The little girl wouldn’t look me in the eye as she was terrified of me but I didn’t let that stop me from smiling my biggest smile at her. She was around the age of 11 and I almost started to cry when I realized that that beautiful precious child was only a few years away from becoming some old mans 10th wife. I wanted to shake her mother. I walked away. We are trying to stop them from claiming religion as an exemption here and trying to stop the child trafficking across our borders but the fight is hard and they have AMAZING lawyers who will sell the rights of young children for money. Our court case is ongoing in the court of appeals but in the court of opinion around here??? We are ALL disgusted!! Thank you for your voice. Thank you and God Bless you and your families.

  60. Steven Patterson

    In 1963 I quite the Mormon faith at 13 yrs old…I never felt comfortable with Joseph Smith’s concept of reality…Its a shame the death of your brother and the real brain washing of the youth that has and is taking place…Utah will never get to the root cause of your brothers death…Speaks volumes about there true intensions…Warren Jeffs and the established Mormon belief will be dealt with…God Bless

  61. vivian

    I have been watching you speaking on various television shows about Warren Jeffs and the FLDS. I just wanted to tell you how well put together this website is. Your story is moving and I am so sorry about your brother and the frustration you must have in not knowing what really happened to him. I admire you very much and wish you all the very best.

  62. Jackie

    Kathy Jo, you are an incredibly brave & strong woman to speak about this, bring awareness to something our whole country seems ignorant about. Our country is either unaware of by CHOICE (like the Utah Attorney General) or because most people simply don’t KNOW the details of how horrifying this situation is. I’m not Mormon, but have read several books written by excommunicated members of the FLDS and am truly terrified for the women & children who live that life inside. People say Casey Anthony is the most hated person in our country; why isn’t Warren Jeffs on top of that list? I wish there was something I could do to help this cause. As a mother of a 16-month-old beautiful little boy, my heart breaks for these poor kids & it brings tears to my eyes to think about what they’re enduring, and what they don’t get a chance at-a real life.

  63. Dorothy H

    I am so sorry for the suffering you have endured. I think it is important to educate people about the FLDS and by your posts about the Mormons you are leading others to believe that this is the same church/religion. It’s not! Please be very careful in your quest that you dont tear down a church that has not wronged you.

  64. Kate Teas

    I would like to send love and energy to Kathy Jo. I just saw her on Dr Drew and am very touched by her & the others’ stories. I am so sorry about your brother’s death. It sure seems as if his life was taken by the hands of the FLDS. It is terrible how a few crazy “men” can turn hundreds of others lives into turmoil and pain. I hope that the awareness of the people of this world can come to a higher level and get justice done. What goes around, comes around. Sometimes it seems way to slow for our liking. My thoughts and my love goes out to you Kathy Jo. I hope the best for you and all others that are touched by this.

  65. P.W.

    I just saw part of the Dr. Drew show. As a retired correctional officer from a level 4 CA prison I can tell you this. Most inmates have children and
    regard a pedophile as the lowest form of life. Some believe that it is their duty to rid the world of them as you would any vermin. Many of these
    inmates have nothing to lose. That angry look on Jeff’s face in his mug shot that was so upsetting to you is very likely to be replaced by the
    familier look of terror that he saw on the faces of his innocent victims. I also have a great deal of faith in our Lord, who is the ultimate Judge.
    I pray for your healing and happiness and for all of the victims of this depraved individual. I have always found great comfort in the truth, that
    the Good Lord ultimately gives everyone what they deserve. God Bless you.

  66. Letty

    I just the watched Dr. Drew and want to say I really admire your efforts and applaud you for not giving up on those women left behind. I can tell that you are going through a lot of pain. I quickly logged on to this site and looking at your photographs gave me an eery feeling that unspeakable events have occured and that no one was held accountable. I want you to know that I have sent an email to the attorney generals in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona urging them to bring the leaders to justice and to investigate the mysterious deaths of your brother and the Jeff nephews. I am hoping that many will also do the same. I will also be sending an email to attorney general in Texas praising him for the conviction and his passion to put an end to what is happening to the children. Stay strong and brave.

  67. Starr Green

    Kathy Jo, I want to thank you for your courage and strength to see this through… I’am so very sorry to hear this about your brother…I’ll be praying for you and all that you do towards to finding justice for your dear brother…Praise God, you had an angel on your shoulder to guide you to get out…Its hurt my soul to know we have people there that are so brainwashed form birth, children that don’t know the real truth….I can’t seem to quite understand how our government can allow this to keep going on…..God does not want you to have 16 wives, thats just nuts….I also don’t understand how the people (not children) couldn’t just read the word of God for them selves….the ones that were once out in the world before all deceptions ….there’s much I don’t understand,…..I do pray you found some peace since you been away from all that hell on earth. I thank God for you my dear for stepping up to the plate. This needs to get bigger!…and your in the front lines….just know that there are people out there pulling for you and praying for the justice of your precious brother. I and many other’s will be watching for you and praying our hearts out that this polygamist so called life STOPS…because this is not the life Our Lord has en-stored for us, its just wrong…and I think alot of those followers know it, and some don’t……I do understand that…..Thank you again…I just seen you on Dr Drew and went right to you website…its very important that you don’t stop saying your address to your website….Keep up the good fight Kathy Jo!..and God bless you

  68. karen

    Dear Kathy; I am so sorry for what has happened to your brother and what you and so many innocents have had to endure at the hands of such sick sick people. With the popular show “sister wives” that was on tv, I am afraid that polygamy is becoming just an everday thing for the entertainment of the public in a lot of cases. It’s scary when such things are becoming socially acceptable. Although those particular people seemed very nice and not to be following the perverted teaching (as far as we know), it still helps to make people more accepting of the lifestyle and that is not a good thing! There needs to be a zero tolerance for this kind of thing when it comes to this kind of thing because the children cannot be protected. They are going to be affected in some way shape or form no matter how good one’s intentions may be! Thank you for being so brave to step forward at great personal cost to bring awareness to this problem. Although you can’t bring your brother back, I’ll bet he is smiling down from heaven at you and is some proud of you! Being cut off from family is the hardest and even though most of your family is still involved with the group, they are still your family and it must be very difficult for you. I admire your strength and sense of purpose. Keep of the good work. Don’t let anyone quiet you! Public education is the best weapon…….women on the ranch are ignorant but slowly your message will filter down and it will start to change lives and each life that you impact can then start a chain reaction. Don’t stop, you are literally saving lives. It may be too late for your brother but it isn’t too late for the thousands of women and children that are still in those ranches. Keep up the great work, you will be heard!.

  69. Jennifer

    Now that Warren Jeffs has been convicted, I believe that they will have more of an incentive to murder anyone who dares to expose them. This is a crisis. It is a state of emergency. Why is the government sitting on their hands? It can start with a Social Services Welfare Fraud investigation, IRS investigation, and an investigation into the suspicious circumstances of the death of this young man. They need to disable these community leaders’ power and THEN go in to take down the guilty and save the innocent. It’s not rocket science. The lack of justice and level of corruption makes me sick.

  70. Darlene

    How can we help? What is the greatest need? Reach me at the email that was required to leave a reply.

  71. barbara

    dear kathy jo i am sorry for your lose. i have watched you and you are an awesome young women and strong god is with you .i will be praying that justice is served for you keep strong will pray everyday for … to you allways a friend in virigina

  72. Deanna

    What can the average person do to help??

  73. A.M.

    My heart goes out to you the more I learn about the things that go on in these places the more absolutely horrified and discusted I become. I wish you the best of luck to find the answers about your brothers death! Your story will change lives I know it had a large impact on me.

  74. Laurel

    Dear Kathy Jo, What an amazing survivor you are and a fighter for freedom. Your bravery is a beacon to others who still don’t have a voice. There is no doubt in my mind that your brother was a fighter for freedom, too… and his voice was cut short purposefully. This website is already the beginning of a tribute to his life as is your voice. Your standing up like the collossas of liberty is a living legend and justice is only beginning to be served in the exposure to truth. It cannot happen soon enough as there are still so many that are in this predicament. So much human trafficing being used under the auspices of religion. It is outrageous. We must fight for the freedom of all, as the slavery of one affects the entire world.
    I admire your human spirit and wish for you and all the victims…peace. We must not stop until each and every one of these compounds are infiltrated and the criminality stopped. You are doing such a great deed for the plight of freedom. I join you in this effort.

  75. Laurel Kadouri

    Dear Kathy Jo, What an amazing survivor you are and a fighter for freedom. Your bravery is a beacon to others who still don’t have a voice. There is no doubt in my mind that your brother was a fighter for freedom, too… and his voice was cut short purposefully. This website is already the beginning of a tribute to his life as is your voice. Your standing up like the collossas of liberty is a living legend and justice is only beginning to be served in the exposure to truth. It cannot happen soon enough as there are still so many that are in this predicament. So much human trafficing being used under the auspices of religion. It is outrageous. We must fight for the freedom of all, as the slavery of one affects the entire world.
    I admire your human spirit and wish for you and all the victims…peace. We must not stop until each and every one of these compounds are infiltrated and the criminality stopped. You are doing such a great deed for the plight of freedom. I join you in this effort.

  76. Nicole

    My dearest KJ, my heart just aches for you as I watched you on Dr. Drew today and you spoke of this website. I have followed the case and believe that Warren will not pay for his sins until judgement day with the Good Lord. I have a very close friend Joao Pavao that was murdered April 6, 2001. aka Johnny. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I was on the phone with him when he took the bullets to his skull. Although his name is the only comparisson to your brother, I believe that the Good Lord shall give eternal life to all “Johnny’s” that lived to save the lives of others that could not speak for themselves. Investigating the thousands of people that are still in the cycle of abuse, I want to personally thank YOU for taking the time to continue to speak for all those that continue to suffer at the hands of the vicious animals that hide behind a falsehood of religion. May God Bless you and your family, the brothers and sisters of the nightmares endured. If you ever need a friend, you have one in me. Don’t stop looking for answers girl.. you and your story are being heard… one person at a time.. across the world. Your reason for life is to be heard. I hear you. Nicole

  77. Monica

    What really at times gets to me(and it does drive me crazy) is that women and even the young men stays in the FLDSand tolerate all this nonsense and abuse! I know that they are brainwashed but isn’t there any reasoning against all th amoral stuff that the older men perpetrate to their families?
    Isn’t there common sense to where if you hear or read certain doctrine that it may be one that is used to their advantage and have no meaning for good deeds or salvation?

  78. Monica

    I saw you in the Dr Drew show along with the other two ladies. I am so sorry of your loss. I am praying that God protects those that are still there and ores should be held accountable for allowing and abetting the crimes that are being perpetrated against children. If there is suspicion of murder the authorities should open an investigation.

  79. Carolyn

    I was a member of mainstream Mormon church for a few years in Jr. High. I left the Mormon church, but I continued to study Mormonism, their history, and their doctrines. I remember reading all about the early church’s polygamy, blood atonement, and the priesthood.

    I saw you on a television show the other night, so I jotted down this website. I am really glad you put this together, and my heart really goes out to you and your family. I don’t understand why mainstream Mormonism, who controls so much of Utah’s government does not step in. I know they renounced polygamy so that Utah could become a state, but these rogue communities obviously have become closed systems for child abuse and murder.

    I wish that they would solve this murder, and like Warren Jeffs said he knows he deserves, I wish they would hang him by the highest tree. Thank you for getting your message out on this website. Our prayers are with you.


  80. Donna

    I have watched you on several shows over the past few weeks. I can not believe that our government allows this in our country. We go to war to protect the right of women and children in other countries while we allow the same kind of crimes against the women children of our “great nation.” I can’t even begin to imagine what you have been through and I pray that you will find the peace that you deserve and that someday the officials of our country will step in and do something. I am curious as to whether this cause has ever been taken to Washington?

  81. melissa bolden

    i’m so proud of all of u thats come forward and told ur story . i know it has been so had for u. but in the long run its worth it . if u hadnt spoke out how would people ever know but by letting people share ur story , it will make people wake up . the world has some people in it that need to be shown for what they really are. hold ur head high because u’ve done the right thing i am so proud of u keep fighting the good fight it will be worth it…..

  82. Judy

    To Kathy Jo, who I saw on Drew Pinsky’s program – to assist you in litigating “all” the abuses (including public assistance fraud), contact Barry Scheck (Innocence Project Founder) for direction in creating a FLDS Victems Justice Program, including ‘deprogramming and cultural rehab’.
    Other resources in Arizona who sponser Justice Projects are The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in Tempe, and Northern Arizona University, Dept. of Criminal Justice. Getting some Hollywood starpower on your side would be helpfull, too……

  83. Tavon

    I really wish that we could figure out what was going on. i really am sorry for the lost of your brother.

  84. Amy

    Wonderful photo essay. I have just finished reading Lost Boy and am brought to tears to find out that not only has Clayne passed away but also David. God bless all of these boys. Warren Jeffs will get his. I too am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and I applaud Brent for coming forward. It takes a REAL man to stand up and do what is right!!!

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